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The “Blogging Positively” initiative started in 2008 when Kenyan blogger Serina Kalande volunteered to lead a working group to discuss how citizen media can play a role in the field of HIV/AIDS. Soon after, many activists from around the world participated in a series of online chats to discuss concrete steps to take to help support interested individuals and organizations working in this field.

One of the major accomplishments from these discussions was the creation of the “Blogging Positively” e-guide. This resource is a collection of case studies, interviews, and best practices about citizen media related to HIV/AIDS. Authored by Janet Feldman of the ActAlive organization, the guide also contains tips for workshop facilitators and teachers, and points readers to helpful resources for new bloggers just getting started. Several other working group members provided important contributions to the production of the guide, including Kenyan blogger Daudi Were who coined the term “Blogging Positively.” The guide is now available in several languages including Spanish, French, and Russian.

In addition to the creation of this guide, the participants of the chats collaborated on the creation of a map-based directory of HIV/AIDS advocates and HIV-positive bloggers who bravely defy stigma and discrimination to communicate their situation to the rest of the world.

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Currently, the “Blogging Positively” working group seeks to continue its support of new and existing users of citizen media as a way to begin and sustain conversations about HIV/AIDS and its impact on their communities. Ongoing activities include:

  • Monthly roundups of global citizen media related to HIV/AIDS
  • Development of a “Blogging Positively” teaching curriculum for use in workshops and the classroom
  • Outreach to HIV/AIDS-focus organizations interested in introducing the use of citizen media into their work

Interested individuals and organizations may join the “Blogging Positively” discussion group by subscribing here. You may contact the working group by emailing us at: eddie [at] globalvoicesonline [dot] org

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