To All the People

When I came to Jamaica, I was in a resort
Busted by the police, I ended up in Freeport
They locked me up and done stole my weed
Now I eat porridge that looks like horse feed

Hear me out, hear my cry
I pleaded guilty, I told no lie
Here we are all locked up
No where to go that’s messed up
Being here is a lesson to be learned
You can guarantee I won’t return

I know you miss your family
I know you miss your man!
Being here wasn’t part of our plan
So keep your sanity, keep your cool!
There reason why I’m here, I was a mule
If it’s ganja, heroin or coke
Take it from me this ain’t no joke
A big ass fine
I need a loan
One more year, then I get to go home
I’m no rapper I’m not like Busta
But I wanna big up the ladies of
Fort Augusta

From: Anonymous

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  1. medea says:

    Maybe you arenĀ“t Busta, but these rhymes still ring true. Good luck

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