Tower Street Meeting Minutes May 21, 2008

Every Wednesday the SET group at Tower Street Correctional Center in Kingston Jamaica meets to produce a weekly radio program which is broadcast on community radio and the internet. We will soon make those broadcasts available as podcasts. In the mean time, we will post the minutes from each weekly meeting.


Starting Count 18
Governor: Kevin Wallen
Psychologist Caleen Deidritch

Thought for the week was “Self confidence is the first requisite to great understanding.”


  1. Meeting call to order
  2. Prayer
  3. Introduction
  4. Opening Comments
  5. Apologies
  6. Reading of last minutes
  7. Topics for discussion …
    1. Birthdays, anniversary celebrations
    2. PGI Presentation
    3. Thought of the day and of the week
    4. Vocabulary word
  8. Governor’s Presentation
  9. Adjournment

Meeting: was called to Order by Secretary Taylor at 10:35 a.m.
Prayer: was done by : Assistant Chaplain Gayle
Introduction: Members of the group introduced themselves and their portfolios
Opening Comments: Was made by President Johnson, after which
Apologies: Apologies were made for Engineer Lewis and Dir. Hill
Minutes: Reading of minutes was done by Asst. Secretary Leon Ivey
Amendments: This was noted by Governor Wallen as it was “Harvard University” and not “Hartford” as was stated in the minutes.

Secretary Taylor turned the meeting over to President Johnson who then informed Gov. Wallen and his visiting team of the group’s grown and development. A report of the last executive metting was reiterated by President Johnson. The meeting was then turned over to Gov. Wallen who then asked of the President for a copy of Monday’s executive meeting.

Governor Wallen made the introduction of Professor Nesson and then spoke on part of discipline where time is concerned as members were not prepared for the meeting even though being present; the group was by then out of integrity. The group had a lengthy negative discussion on this issue.

The group finally made a decision; Governor Wallen informed the group that any member could take the initiative to start the meeting. A decision was taken for President Johnson to apologize on behalf of the group in order for the group to get back into integrity. This was not accepted by the group and so an individual approach was taken for each member to apologize on their behalf. Acting Overseer Johnson commented that leaders must take control and one should not sit and wait. Aunty Caleen inserted that every member agreed on the time that we were to start so we should try to put the blame on someone. Eventually we were back in integrity at 11:15 a.m.

Governor Wallen then introduced Professor Nesson from Harvard University who then introduced the group to some game ideas, which would help the way we think.

He said he wanted to teach us what we want to learn and not what he wants to teach us. He also introduced Second Life, a software that could help us to interact with others via cyber-space. This would be us a great deal of knowledge as he also introduced the group to 3D, which is a Dimension Immersive Environment he also introduced Second Life, an environment to create an avatar which can navigate through the game environment. Members of the group then participated in a game of tic-tac-toe. On this note SET chat ended. Meeting was adjourned by Secretary Taylor and seconded by VP Davis.

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