Tower Street Executive Meeting Minutes June 2, 2008

Every Wednesday the SET group at Tower Street Correctional Center in Kingston Jamaica meets to produce a weekly radio program which is broadcast on community radio and the internet. We will soon make those broadcasts available as podcasts. In the mean time, we will post the minutes from each weekly meeting.

Minutes of Executive meeting for June 2, 2008
Starting count: 7

The Meeting was called to order By President Johnson at 11:10am and apologies were made for V/P Davis, Treasurer Drummond and Dir. Walters.

President Johnson made mention of the improvement on the part of signing of register. It was also noticed on the new format as the register is now being written up for a week in advance. President Johnson made a request for jingles in respect to the reading of the news and sports.
In regards to the letters, members were notified by President Johnson that the letters are being dealt with, as he is presently revising same so the Superintendent in charge can view those (letters) then send off.

President Johnson then instructed Assistant Secretary Ivey to make notice of special dates, as we will start the preparation of letters for the Christmas celebration immediately following the Anniversary function. The date that was schedule for that was Thursday 26 of June 2008.All letters would be processed and taken to the Superintendent. A date was then asked of members to agree on for our celebration by President Johnson, we settled for the 27 of June 2008, and a letter of request will be sent to Head Office for the permission of visitors to be allowed then.

Secretary Taylor made a suggestion regarding the logo for the group but President Johnson said that this would be a project for the computer class, which will be starting sometime soon.

President Johnson asked of members if it would be possible for any member to ask their visitors to bring shirts on visits in order to make things a little lighter on the expense of Governor Wallen. Members then agreed to do so then debate on the color for shirts before agreeing on Long sleeve white shirts for the start because uniforms will be required for the Anniversary. Meeting was then adjourned by President Johnson and second by Secretary Taylor.

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