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In this picture some of the young people who were displaced after the violence in the camp waiting to here about the project and how it will help in the resettlement efforts.


After months of anticipation finally 3 weeks ago we received our 1st deposit of the grant and immediately the team went to work already we had potential young people from the community who were ready to take part in the project, we called them together and discussed on how we want to go ahead with the training as a kick start to the project, we have been deliberating and have agreed that we want to make the project as community-owned as possible. In the same breath we went to the community with the team and sought out views of different people in the community, including the government representatives on the ground.


As seen above, members of REPACTED are mobilizing community members for discussions while at the same time giving the community an important forum to discuss health issues that they would otherwise not discuss in there homes because of taboo.

We agreed that it is important to focus in the beginning with individual stories of community members who have been instrumental in ensuring that we have peace in our country at the community level and people don’t know about this will help in showing other that they too can help in ensuring that we have everlasting peace and we don’t go back to fighting. The methodology that we will use is by taking video and stories to the community and show them in the villages and the community places for people to see and we will focus on the worst hit areas of Nakuru hoping that the same can be replicated elsewhere in the country.

In this regard we are hoping to work with various institutions to make the project a success and have an impact not only to us but the whole community at large we will be focusing on the issue also of helping young people achieve there dreams in life. Especially in the enhancement of there use in digital equipment. This is the beginning of weekly updates of the project stay on. And kudos to Joan for updates every now and then.


In this photo is Laban, a member of REPACTED, talking to some of the young people in the community on issues affecting them and how they can address them or bring them out to the general public to be able to be assisted.

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  1. this is a great great project! How lucky we are to have such great role models and we can’t wait to read and see more fro them. great strategy getting institutions and communities involved at the first try!

  2. First of all Dennis, I would like to apologize for all the problems we had getting the grant money to you. I am so glad the project is now off the ground and I look forward to reading more updates each week. Thanks for posting the excellent pictures.

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