New Participant Blogs

Learning to blog is a process that has taken a while with our community members and also REPACTED members at large but today we had another fantastic day where they all opened up blogspots blogs. I ask that we motivate them by visiting their sites. As we continue to promote the culture of participation, here are the blogs. I have to warn you most of them are still ‘young’ with their sites.

Support these sites and let’s hope they will have the culture of blogging down very soon now as we surely encourage it. Finally we hit the ground running.

6 Responses to “New Participant Blogs”

  1. So many new blogs to read, REPACTED youths are very promising!
    This is a very important step and we are very proud to support you guyz

  2. Romi says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Good to see all these new blogs up and ready, can’t wait to read them.
    Send greetings to everyone there – all looking very focused on their work!

  3. David Sasaki says:

    This is very exciting news Dennis. I just left comments on all the blogs, but when I went to and I got an error message. Are you sure those are the right links? Thanks.

  4. dennis kimambo says:

    Will check the links again and tell you whats happening thanks guys for the suppor guys

  5. […] are glad to announce that twelve new blogs were opened by the participants. Most of them had short introductory posts like James Karongo […]

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