Today in Magnet Theatre Outreach in Nakuru women prison

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Key question: If you have TB are you HIV positive?

The synopsis

The performance was about a young man who coughs continuously and suspects he is HIV positive. The young man is encouraged by his girlfriend to go to hospital but the guy refuses. They have an argument that last for a few minutes until his friend calls the young man. His friend tells him not go to hospital because he will be tested for HIV, the friend tells him that people with TB are always tested for HIV, and if he does not go he will take him to a local medicine man for medication traditional medicine. The girlfriend insists that if does not go to hospital she will never talk to him and she will leave him for another man, and the friend says that if he does not go the medicine man he will get very sick and die. What should the young man do?

Magnet Theatre session

During the actual session the facilitator asks the women what should the young man do? Should he follow the friend or the girl friend? One woman called Akinyi said that he should listen to his girlfriend and seeks medical attention, may be he has T.B. But one of the women Mama Njeri said that the young man should go by the friend’s idea of seeing the medicine man and avoid the girl friend he can always get another one. But Susan one of the inmates said that it is possible to have TB and HIV so maybe he as HIV and the girl is also infected, but Akinyi said that TB and HIV are different and suffering from TB does not mean that you are HIV positive. When asked how she can advice the young girl and the man she stepped forward and demonstrated what the man should do. The session ended with the inmates suggesting the she goes to hospital before its to late, and TB is curable.

After the main session the inmates also did a performance on tribal clashes that rocked the country this year.

The group suggested we should take next time milk, sanitary, soaps and tissues for those women with kids.

After the prison outreach we gave magazines with thematic concern ARV, TB, and VCT.

Issue arising from the Magnet Theatre session today

  • Many women wanted to know more about TB, its mode of transmission, prevention and treatment.
  • We should increase outreach in prison.
  • We should bring VCT in prison.
  • The issues of ARV to sick come up.

.How many months it takes TB to be found in your body?

.Types of TB transmission

.Relation between TB&AIDS The above issues will be handled in the normal peer education session in prisons with the trained change agents in the prisons.

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