Today 45 years on after Kenya attained indipedence i want to say kudos to this year, 2008 will always be memorable to REPACTED in January we were moving into the secon face of the Staying Alive funding period and we were delyed because of the violence that rocked this country ealier on.  This year a man with a Kenyan father was elected to the highest office in the world.

But that will be a story for another day today if cocus on Vincnt Omindi a rapper who found his way to REPACTED after the violence i encourage you to read his blog which is the ttle of this message i write it again here REPACTED has helped him to move and get a good start after the violence after reading his blog today i am urging all of you to support REPACTED to help him record n album so that he can continue the good work that he is doing using music for change in our country. We are fundraising about $1500 t be able to get him to a studio to recod the album.

looking forwad to hearing from all of you.

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