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Following the colorful and competitive Mr. and Miss Red Ribbon 2009 held on 29 Nov at Hotel Bontana pool side, followed by crowing and awarding of the Mr. and Miss Red Ribbon 2009 on 1 Dec 2009 (World Aids Day) at the Kenyatta Conference Centre by the Minister of Special Programs Dr. Naomi Shaban, the models are back in action.,,
Through integrated approaches REPACTED is coordinating an ambitious program that is expected to actualize expectations of the models. To start, the models will be introduced to the basics of communication before being introduced to blogging.

Alongside community outreaches by the models REPACTED will conduct a monthly meeting with the 35 models. Introducing the 35 models to blogging is a process that requires some consent due to the health status of the models. We are thinking of starting with activities aimed at setting a rapport with the models before organizing for a training on blogging.

The main goal of the initiative is to introduce more positive bloggers in the blog-sphere so that some issues related to health and HIV affecting the models can be shared without involving the third party who have always taken advantage of the situation. REPACTED will post the initial progress of the ideas before decentralizing the information to individual bloggs.

If you have any ideas on how we can improve the idea please don’t keep it, share it with us.

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  1. Hi Collins, we wish you well with this new endeavor for REPACTED.

    I think it is a good strategy to have some sessions with the participants to articulate what they would like to share with the world. That way, once they do learn the tools, they enter into with a purpose in mind.

    Not all will enjoy writing, but maybe some of them would prefer to talk on video or record a podcast…

    When do you think you will start?

  2. Thanks Eddie for your response, we have a meeting next week on Tuesday with the group. We will brainstorm on the idea with an aim of gathering enough information form the group about how they feel we should go about it.

    It is true a good number of them may not write, we may want to use a voice recorder, or video. The only challenge we are facing is that our two flip cameras are not working, and the two still picture cameras are also out of order. One thing though internet connection is affordable and we no longer go to the cybercafe, so access to internet is not problem. All the four computers in the office connected to the internet.

    Any way we trying our best to mobilize the little resources within our reach to ensure success.

    Please feel free to contribute on the idea.

  3. You can download Audacity (a free program) and you can create podcasts from the computer (all you need is a mic).

    It might be cool to start off with podcasts, as it can help some people get more comfortable with these tools.

    Good luck with the meeting and keep us posted!

  4. Hi Eduardo,

    We did have a wonderful meeting with the group, and they come up with the following idea: They will start by operating common blog called Mr. and Miss Red Ribbon before opening individual blogs. They will also take photos and do podcast for the blog. REPACTED will provide internet access and short introduction training on blogging and social media. They also agreed do the first posting on 13 February 2010, just before the valentine day activities. They also come up with a monthly outreach activities which will posted on the blog, which includes valentines day, world TB day and April Ester holiday.

    They also blog about positive living because all members in the group are Living positively. They will be done through posting stories on the bog, podcast, videos and photography.

    That is the progress. Any inputs………….

  5. Great news. Please pass along the address of the group blog. We’d love to comment on it and learn about them.

    Best of luck!

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