ENOCK GEKARA – Community Member Free Area

There before when they used to sing here at this center I took them as jokers but my friends who attended their activity told me that they were now informed. During their next visit to our area I got informed about the danger of having many sexual partners and that it was risky. I do take alcohol with my friends and sometimes we have even shared the same woman at night after our drinking at the bars here. Condom is something I think was for coward men and condom is not something I usually use all the time it depends on who am sleeping with, if it is someone I know and they don’t ask me to use it so I do not. I have a wife who comes and goes because of family trouble and I am forced to look for women here who are easy. I was informed through the acting by the actors about the risks and signs of sexual transmitted diseases in their drama, people of the community talked with them and I also got the information about syphilis and gonorrhea. I was told by one of them how I can protect myself from it and what to do when I am infected. I have not had syphilis or gonorrhea and I am lucky. When the again came here they acted about alcohol and risk of getting infected when someone is drank and I felt they were talking to me alone. I together with some friends was shown how to use condoms correctly.

My life has change I now have no fear of anything because I was give condoms to use and I have gone for VCT two times now. The second time I went with my wife to VCT so that she can know that I am ok because she has found me before with another woman and now she is happy. Before we could fight at night because she wanted me to use a condom but I did not want and that is why she leaves. We have also attended a community show with her to show her where I have got the information.

It is now ok for me to drink a little and go home, I see the friends of mine do that every day and they say that the actors have help them live a responsible life now. I have also told one friend of mine to go to hospital to see a doctor about the pain he has under there because it could a sexual one.

Today I am careful and want to take care of my family because of the danger I know from the teachings of the actors.

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