Service at the door step

Perhaps the most ideal idea in community development is to reach out to the target population in their “catchment” area. One of the REPACTD’s greatest outreach programs is to reach out to the target population in the informal sector by visited them with community participatory discourses aimed at creating at ensuring that resource like condoms and sexual reproductive health information is available at the informal workplace.

Informal workpalce outreach program

Condom Demonstration

The magnet theater team engages the target population during the lunch break since that is the only available time to ensure that the people in the informal sector are served with the relevant services at their comfort zone. So as they struggle with a plate of a mixture of maize and beans and a cup of tea, that is the time to drive the message home. The theatre team is using every little available time to ensure that the target population gets the desired information at the workplace.

Magnet Theatre

M.T outreach in the community

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