Moving On

For long REPACTED has been working with the youths in the community, passing messages of behaviour change and encouraging them in doing so by having them join the organization and also moving forwad with life we are entring a new chapter as an organization where we would like you to support as we want to ensure that the sam young people improve there livelyhoods by encouraging them to be able to generate income on there won whil we support them one of them is Eric Wanyama who has always aspired to be a script and film director he has managed to write his own script and will be soon shooting the film he has fundaraised some capital but needs more support i encourage you to visit his blog and encurage him on the blogroll of this email he is there also. The last time he posted was 7th of April but i have encouraged him to post and hoping he will be posting more frequently as we have given him priority this week to use the office internet. Support a young kenyan to grow.
Also REPACTED is looking for a wllwisher to help clear $250 internet bill for the remeinder of the year as we are stretched at the moment.

Computer Aid International

REPACTED has been awarded 25 computers from computer AID Internation in UK and all the computers are Pentium Fours fully installed and with Cables, we are planning to use this computers to start a digital center in Nakuru and enhance the use of online tools by young people we ae fundraising around 2080 Sterling Pounds for shipping them to Kenya we will appreciate any help given.

Kind Regards

Today 45 years on after Kenya attained indipedence i want to say kudos to this year, 2008 will always be memorable to REPACTED in January we were moving into the secon face of the Staying Alive funding period and we were delyed because of the violence that rocked this country ealier on.  This year a man with a Kenyan father was elected to the highest office in the world.

But that will be a story for another day today if cocus on Vincnt Omindi a rapper who found his way to REPACTED after the violence i encourage you to read his blog which is the ttle of this message i write it again here REPACTED has helped him to move and get a good start after the violence after reading his blog today i am urging all of you to support REPACTED to help him record n album so that he can continue the good work that he is doing using music for change in our country. We are fundraising about $1500 t be able to get him to a studio to recod the album.

looking forwad to hearing from all of you.

Eduardo thanks from REPACTED

Hello good people i have to say that i am very happy that Eduardo visited in Kenya though iwas commited very far away from Nakuru, i have seen som of is tuition and guys are very helpfull for his help in talking to themm and helping the learn more about blogging, he had about 15 guys with him. Kudos alos good news one of the REPACTED members will be going to Albania later this year hope some GBV guys are there so that he can learn more also.




The following is the report of the digital media project supported Raising Global Voices outreach program. The project was implemented by REPACTED Kenya community based youth organization based in Nakuru Kenya. 


The project brought together a total of twenty seven community members with very little knowledge in digital media. The organization mobilized young people from the community to be introduced to the digital world. Among the twenty seven ten are young ladies form different background.


The fast step was to introduce the community members to the digital world by taking them through five day training on digital media and the growing world of internet which has reduced the world into a global village. At first we could not afford internet connection because of the cost of the internet connection, but with the competition in the mobile phone business in the country quite affordable modem are the market the only challenge is how to maintain the monthly fee for internet connection. 


The organization purchased one computer, one digital camera, one video camera, and one modem from Zain Kenya. Apart from the equipments the organization also conducted trainings on how to use the digital camera and photography, the organization of did training on bogging and basic computer skills training to the members of the community.


 The members of the organization who are theatre practitioners in the community also enjoy the project because they are using the equipments to capture photos during the community theatre outreaches. They have also done enough community theatre outreach videos the only challenge is how to blog the videos because it takes very log to upload a video clip here due to the slow internet connection.


The project is on the right truck and very faithful to the project objectives and goal and also the organization goals and objectives.




  • The equipments are very few hence using them as a group is little challenging, one computer with about 17 trained bloggers and more community members are getting attracted to the centre.
  • Blogging idea is still a new phenomenon to almost all the community members and some group members and with the limited access to the computer because of the growing number of the interested community members is a little challenging.
  • Lack of proper skills in handling some computer programs and soft wears from the community members, one is trained today tomorrow all is gone you have to start again.
  • Some members of the community are physical challenged hence marking it to the centre requires some special program for them.
  • Though we got a train in video blogging, video blogging is still a big challenge not because of lack of skills because of the speed in the internet.   


If the above issues can be adequately addressed individually then we will able to increase the number of the Nakuru blogger sphere, and effectively improve internet communication within the community. For the physical challenged we need to move to them because they are located in one place, so by creating a digital media village in the community could improve the blogging spirit among the community members. 


We also need about six computers so as to satisfy all the new bloggers before the spirit of blogging goes down. If we buy one more video camera, and a digital camera we will be able to handle the big number of the new bloggers.


We will also organize more clinics on blogging around the community to sensitize the community on importance of digital media.    


For the internet connection we a serious challenge because the modem takes one computer at a time we are working on how to network the modem to serve more than two computers, but the service provider Zain say that it can not take more than two computers. We are also paying 50 USD per month, maintaining the cost may force the community to pay some small money the only problem is that we recruited from the slums where life is below 1 dollar a day.       


All in all we are moving on well and the bloggers are more than willing do more in the Nakuru blogger sphere, and bring out the power of blog compared to the main stream media.  Following the time line we are behind but progressing with the right pace and not just doing the citizen media for the sake of doing it. We want the best for the community and the culture to sustain itself.

New Participant Blogs

Learning to blog is a process that has taken a while with our community members and also REPACTED members at large but today we had another fantastic day where they all opened up blogspots blogs. I ask that we motivate them by visiting their sites. As we continue to promote the culture of participation, here are the blogs. I have to warn you most of them are still ‘young’ with their sites.

Support these sites and let’s hope they will have the culture of blogging down very soon now as we surely encourage it. Finally we hit the ground running.

Training community members

 Taking it easy after an intense session on report writting and blogging  on the findings from the community the training was conducted by an external radio presenter and it was done at the office in Nakuru, i want also to update the forum that after a long search finally REPACTED has found the right person o train the community on how to video blog, also the trained members have been bringing feed back and are compiling a magazine to be distributed to the community while ach of them will have there own blog, they have been shy on blogging wondering where they will get content ut after reading blogs from other people they are becoming more and more confident in there respective areas of speciality by the end of this month we will have diffrent bloggers joinin the forum.

Peace and Love

Updates finally

In this picture some of the young people who were displaced after the violence in the camp waiting to here about the project and how it will help in the resettlement efforts.


After months of anticipation finally 3 weeks ago we received our 1st deposit of the grant and immediately the team went to work already we had potential young people from the community who were ready to take part in the project, we called them together and discussed on how we want to go ahead with the training as a kick start to the project, we have been deliberating and have agreed that we want to make the project as community-owned as possible. In the same breath we went to the community with the team and sought out views of different people in the community, including the government representatives on the ground.


As seen above, members of REPACTED are mobilizing community members for discussions while at the same time giving the community an important forum to discuss health issues that they would otherwise not discuss in there homes because of taboo.

We agreed that it is important to focus in the beginning with individual stories of community members who have been instrumental in ensuring that we have peace in our country at the community level and people don’t know about this will help in showing other that they too can help in ensuring that we have everlasting peace and we don’t go back to fighting. The methodology that we will use is by taking video and stories to the community and show them in the villages and the community places for people to see and we will focus on the worst hit areas of Nakuru hoping that the same can be replicated elsewhere in the country.

In this regard we are hoping to work with various institutions to make the project a success and have an impact not only to us but the whole community at large we will be focusing on the issue also of helping young people achieve there dreams in life. Especially in the enhancement of there use in digital equipment. This is the beginning of weekly updates of the project stay on. And kudos to Joan for updates every now and then.


In this photo is Laban, a member of REPACTED, talking to some of the young people in the community on issues affecting them and how they can address them or bring them out to the general public to be able to be assisted.

REPACTED KENYA: Forum for Behavior Change

Rapid Effective Participatory Action in Community Theatre Education and Development

repacted hq

The mission of REPACTED is to define ourselves, shape our experiences, identify our strengths, tackle our challenges and celebrate our successes as young Kenyans. REPACTED is a community-based youth-to-youth organization fully registered with the Department of Culture under the Ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture, and Social Services. REPACTED is composed of highly qualified youth and community volunteers who form a multi-disciplinary team encompassing the field of behaviour change communication including theatre for development, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, sexuality, gender issues, drugs and substance abuse. The team (currently 25 members) contains strong field experience and profound knowledge of the local community and their cultural behaviors.

REPACTED was formed in 2001 by youth theatre artists from the Nakuru Players Theatre Club within the Impact Project of Family Health International (FHI) under the technical assistance of the Programme for Appropriate Technology in Health-Kenya (PATH-Kenya). The youth thespians formed the organization with an aim of improving their community by encouraging young people to make informed decisions around issues affecting them and to involve them in community development. They achieve this by volunteering their theatrical skills and talents in participatory theatre methodologies, awareness campaigns and peer education and counseling. REPACTED seeks to address a range of youth development issues directly associated with HIV/AIDS: sexuality, abstinence, negotiation skills, gender issues, relationships, reproductive health, safer sexual practices and methods of protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Activities that improve knowledge, attitude, skills, and behaviours are organized in a range of settings: from learning institutions to communities and special circumstance institutions. REPACTED programs target youth between the ages of 15 – 24 as partners, allies, and agents of change and supports youth-adult partnership.

Past and Current Initiatives, Collaborations, and Awards:

  • APHIA II Project – funded by USAID June ’07 – Present
  • Abstinence and Behavior Change for Youth with ADRA-Kenya (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) funded by USAID 2003 – Present
  • School and Prison Outreaches funded by the MTV Staying Alive Foundation. June ’07-Present
  • Raising Voices Outreach Grant – present·
  • Peace Tiles with Peace Tiles Global Project 2005 – Present·
    Act ALIVE
  • New York Film Festivals ‘Best Finalist – Short Stories’ for a film about gender inequality 2007
  • Collaborations with Princeton University students and professors 2005 to present·
    Founding Member elected to the national CACC (Constituency AIDS Control Committee).
  • Over 800 Community Theatrical Outreaches since 2001
  • Impact Project with FHI – Behavior Change Communication funded by USAID 2001-2004