Take part in the First Online Meeting: Digital Initiatives for Indigenous Languages of Nepal

Do you speak an Indigenous language of Nepal?

Do you work on a project or campaign to promote and revitalize your language using Internet-based tools or digital media?

Do you want to meet others that are promoting the use of their Indigenous language in digital spaces?

If you answered “yes,” we invite you to apply to participate in the First (Online) Meeting: Digital Initiatives for Indigenous Languages of Nepal.

WHERE: Online

WHEN: Saturday, June 29 (9:00 am – 12:00 pm)

PARTICIPATE: Using the form below, you can take part in two ways:

  1. If you have a project or campaign using the Internet or digital media to promote your language, please apply to present
  2. If you are just interested in attending and listening to digital practitioners, sign up to attend


Rising Voices, UNESCO Kathmandu, and Global Voices in Nepali invite speakers of Indigenous languages of Nepal to be part of the First (Online) Meeting: Digital Initiatives for Indigenous Languages of Nepal that will take place online on Saturday, June 29, 2024.

The central idea of ​​this activity is to strengthen networks and facilitate the exchange of experiences and innovative ideas among Indigenous language speakers who are using digital media to revitalize their languages. The aim is to facilitate connections between people committed to sharing experiences and knowledge with other individuals and their communities. It also aims to deepen networked conversation about possibilities and success stories for creating participatory media in Indigenous languages in Nepal.

Rising Voices has been supporting similar communities throughout Latin America, including Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, and Ecuador through in-person and virtual gatherings designed to convene spaces for experience exchange.


You might be interested in presenting if…

  • You create and edit articles on Wikipedia in your native language
  • You create TikTok videos in your native language talking about the effects of climate change
  • You digitally document traditional stories from community elders narrating in their native language and uploading them to YouTube after receiving consent.
  • You localize free software into your language to make it more accessible to your community
  • Other examples of how speakers are using the Internet, digital media or technology to promote Indigenous languages in digital spaces

The meeting will be a space to share experiences with using these technologies to promote Indigenous languages in digital spaces. Each attendee will have ten minutes to present their digital project and receive questions to advance and strengthen the work of activists on social networks and to listen to the presentations of others.

The online meeting will be held on Zoom, but will also be broadcast live on various online platforms so that those who have not been selected can follow the presentations. The presentations will also be recorded and participants will have the option to upload them for further sharing.

We invite participants who are able to present in English to do so, in order to reach an international audience, however, we also encourage those who feel more comfortable presenting in Nepali to do so.

How to apply to present?

Fill out the web application form from the publication of this call until June 15th at 21:00 hrs Nepal time. Selected participants will be notified by June 18th, 2024.

Each participant who presents their project or campaign will receive a certificate of participation.