Hello world!!

Hello World!

Maybe this is the perfect title for the first post by “Blind Dates”.

In the beginning of the project, the problems were many. The status of the School for the Blind in Thessaloniki, which now belongs to the greek state and specifically to the Centre of Education and┬áRehabilitation of the Blind in Athens (CERB), has changed recently. So, according to the new situation, our project had to be approved by the board council of CERB, which will be held in June. Until then we couldn't start the project and we couldn't even use the rooms of the School to realize the training courses. Unfortunately, in Greece when you have to cooperate with a state agency or organization, there is a lot of bureaucracy. After many phone calls and non- replied e-mails, i decided to adress somewhere else. As a friend of mine, journalist, used to say “Nothing is impossible. You just need to find the right person”. And i found the right people in the Panhellenic Association for the Blind, in Thessaloniki. ┬áThe head of the Association and the general secretary welcomed the project and they let me use their meeting hall for the seminars.

I have already sent the announcement of the project to the Association, which will forward it to its members. So now … waiting for the new participants! The key people of this project are Stefanos Tokatlidis, who is blogger for less than a year now and Giorgos Proestos, who is a very active person and he is very interested in journalism. Both of them are students in the Thessaloniki School for the Blind and know many blind people who could join us and help us with the project.

And as we are talking about e radio and music, let's start our journey to “Blind Voices” with a nice waltz:


Good Luck to all of us!

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  1. Thank you Emma! It’s very nice to have people to support and encourage you! Hope we will reach the expectations;)

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