Afraid of Blogging?

While it is still doubtful whether a journalist can be subjective or not, for a blogger it is essential and expected. When one reads a post in a blog, doesn’t expect to be just informed about news but also to see the perspective of the blogger.

That’s why, in the first seminar of Blind Dates about the creation of the blog, Korina and I tried to highlight the importance of subjectiveness and personal style of writing when you write a post for a blog.  It was very helpful that Stefanos shared his experience as a blogger with the other participants. Surprisingly, the biggest chalenge for them is not the technical part, but to win their fear to open up and write about themselves. After the first part of the seminar, after we spoke about technical details and we referred to some basic journalistic and writing rules, we asked the participants to share some ideas about articles they want to write. And … silence.

Korina talking about how to write an article

Korina talking about how to write an article

Most of them are afraid that nobody will be interested in reading articles about the Blind. They were anxious that, because they are not journalists, they won’t be able to write a good article. Being brought up in an educational system which promotes the wooden style of writing and doesn’t encourage the development of a personal style, they find it difficult to express their personality or write about their interests and activities. They are afraid of the exposure. So, we tried to explain  that every blog is like a window to a different world. They have to invite readers to their reality, wherever readers are blind or not.  It is very interesting, for example, for a reader to learn how a blind person can use the computer or play football. After we asked each one about his life and his activities, everybody was eager to write a short article.


Learning how to attach files in an e-mail through the program Live Mail

The first e-mails with the articles has just arrived. In few days our blog will be officially open and we will welcome you in our special reality. And as the song says :

“J’en ai marre des langues de bois! Regardez moi, […]  j’suis comme çaaaaaaa. Oubliez donc tous vos clichés, bienvenue dans ma réalité.”

“I’m tired of the wooden words”! Look at me, as I’m […]. Forget all your clichés, welcome to my reality”