Web Radio Works!

Feel very proud to announce that Blind Dates Radio, thanks to Rising Voices Microgrant, is the only web radio in Greece which is made and functions by visually impaired people.

It is not the first one as before it, one attempt has been made by another group of blind people, who have created a similar radio station, named NeedRadio, which doesn't work anymore.

Why Web Radio?

  1. Visually impaired people are very sensitive to sound. Especially for some, it is the way they understand the world. Thus, it is not strange that music is very important to them and it is one of the most common ways to express themselves and have fun.
  2. Doing radio programs and being capable of handling a complex radio software make them feel confident. Being a radio producer is very in fashion among youth and now all the students of Thessaloniki School for the Blind know and discuss about the new web radio station and … them of course.
  3. It is the best way to communicate with local community, young people and family as they can be heard from  every corner of the world through internet. Moreover, Radio Server gives users the ability to communicate with listeners with a chat box.
  4. People in Greece are quite familiar with listening to radio and web radio stations. Even from the first week of live streaming, number of listeners reached 18 and our facebook page has 81 likes.
  5. They are very motivated about promoting the Radio Station and as a result they use more the social media, like Facebook, and suggest fresh ideas, developing their imagination and creativity.

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