Press Release about Blind Dates Radio

This is the press release that we are gonna to distribute to Press, Media and other Associations for people with disabilities.

Press Release

Tune in to Blind Dates Radio

Blind Dates Radio is a new web radio station, the only one in Greece, which has been created and operated by visually impaired people. (

The radio schedule consists of not only music but also informative programs, enriched with news and social messages about and from the blind community. Behind the microphone is a group of 10 young radio producers, aged between 16 to 30 years old, who work or study  in Thessaloniki.

The web radio has been created as a part of Blind Dates project, which is an initiative to support the creation of a blog and a web radio station by visually impaired people in Thessaloniki. The goal of the project is to bring together the dynamic potential of the blind community in order to create socially cohesive content.. The project is financed by Rising Voices and supported by the Panhellenic Association of the Blind, Regional Union of Central Macedonia.

In the project’s blog,, one can read announcements regarding the blind community, opinion articles, but also posts which describe the way blind people handle activities of everyday life. All of the content is written by members of Thessaloniki’s blind community using software providing greater accessibility to those with visually impairments. The link to the web radio, the radio schedule, bios of radio producers and also information about the progress of the project can all be found on the blog.

Contact Person: Alexia Kalaitzi


Phone Number: (+30) 6973615656

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