The Brand New “Blind Dates” Page

Blind Dates has been renewed! In specific, web page, logo and name have been changed. The name has changed from Blind Dates Radio to     radio  in order to be shorter and easier for listeners to remember it. And form now on you can listen to our radio at the new webpage. (

The design of the new page is quite minimalistic and plays with black, white and yellow. Of course the sense of humor is obvious in details, like the image of a fishbone, or the “I like this song” button, which moves up and down when you touch it. If you deal with any problem with listening, there are 4 alternative ways (Winamp, Windows Media Player, Real Player, QuickTime) to be connected and listen to radio programs and music

In the main page there is a chat box where listeners can communicate with producers, comment and ask for their favorite song. In the page, one can find information about the project, the participants and there is also a direct link to the blog. The radio plays music 24h/7, and most time plays foreign songs in order to approach audience from all the GV and RV community. The technician of the team has undertaken the jingles which are heard every half an hour.

The renewal of the whole project has brought very positive results as the number of listeners has been increased and the the Facebook page has reached 155 likes so far.

The    radio team has bought the domain page and radio server too. The money for the server will be paid from Panhellenic Association for Blind People, Union of Central Macedonia.

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