Facebook Photo Highlights a Basic Problem

Special pavements have been designed in order to help blind people move around the streets easily using their canes. According to the law, the pavements have to be free from obstacles and very carefully designed, as one can see in the following picture.

Unfortunately, the reality for blind people in Greece is described by the following pictures.

Yiannis Karalis, music composer, decided to take photos of some special pavements – death traps in his neighborhood and upload them on Facebook to highlight the problem. The response of the online community was more than expected as the photo has been shared 3.854 times until now while the comments underneath it are more than 30.

Yiannis Karalis says to BD that

These passages can cause blind people to break a leg or even get hit by a car.

One can find many special pavements, like these, in all over the country which make the life of blind people difficult and discourage them to leave their homes challenging their sociability.  The photo has  also motivated other people to take photos and share them to the web trying to raise awareness and attract the attention of mainstream media and State.

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