The Second Weekend: Journalism and Blogs together

The School of Web Journalism in Serbia started to work on November 23rd and during this weekend (November 29th-30th) there were 3 presentations.

The first day

The class started with theoretical part and journalist Predrag Prokopljevic taught about two forms in journalism: report and news.
The second part of his presentation was practical work. Mr. Prokopljevic gave a material to students and they had to write an example of two journalistic forms the best as possible.

After the presentation and practical work with journalist Prokopljevic,
Slavoljub Kacarevic, chief-in editor of Balkan magazine, one e-magazine from Serbia did the presentation about the interview. Off course, after that, the practical part was to find the person or occasion to do the interview with. Homework was to try making the interview with that person.

The second day

The enthusiast and veteran blogger, Ljubisa Bojic, started his presentation with short history of Internet and after that he explained the phenomenon of Web 2.0. Students are mostly young postgraduates in journalism, political sciences and professional Serbian journalists who started discussion in this subject. That was very interesting so students were motivated to explore the web and do the first bloggs on their own.

One of Ljubisa's main goals is to teach and show to students how to use blogs, social bookmarking and blogs for marketing.

The practical work was composed in 3 exercises.
Best Regards from the Unique School of Web Journalism in Serbia

Dragana Bankovic

3 thoughts on “The Second Weekend: Journalism and Blogs together

  1. Great start future bloggers ! We’re going to learn a lot from Serbian journalism since most of FOKO bloggers are very interested in journalism and keen on learning more and more on other cultures.

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