Blogs that students wrote during their practical work in The School of Web Journalism in Serbia

The School of Web Journalism in Serbia works already for three weeks. Here are some parts of blogs that students wrote during their practical work.

Marina Obižajeva presented herself like this:

Female person from Russia, who entered in those years of life when we don't ask ourselves anymore “Why”, but only “How”.
Finally, how does it happen that I live and work now in Belgrade?

Dragana Bjelica explained her presence in our school.

The reason which motivated me to enter in The School of Web Journalism of Serbian Journalist Association?
One of the reasons is surely my new duty. As a classic journalist, by haphazard I got to work for the Internet site.

After the theoretical part Katarina Jovanovic gave her proposition for interview:

Jean-Michel Jarre is one of the most famous composers today as well as visual artist when it comes speaking of his plays all around the world. The occasion for this interview is his recent concert in Belgrade.

The most interesting fact about him is that he has the world record in the Guinness book of records because there were 3 million visitors on his concert in Moscow.

Bojan Velickovic wrote this news:

After six months of harsh negotiations UN secretary Ban-Ki Mun and Serbian Minister of Foreign affairs Vuk Jeremic made agreement about six points of common interests. By this agreement they have created conditions for protection for Serbian people and other minority communities in Kosovo.

Dusan Zivkovic finished his report about the murder of journalist Ilijas Surpajev in Moscow with following words:

In the last eight years more than ten journalists were murdered in Russia. The largest number of murders happened because of the articles where we could find the facts about corruption affairs and their connection with russian state leadership.

Report made by Dragana Bankovic

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