Presentation of Mr. Russell Gordon: “Media War – use and misuse of photography”

The School of Web Journalism had a special Saturday morning thanks to Mister Russell Gordon. Some students of The School wrote the report about this event.

Tijana Vlahovic started her report about Mr. Gordon's presentation like this:

American photographer and reporter Russell Gordon had held the conference on December 6th within the scope of the School of Web Journalism on the subject “Media War – use and misuse of photography”.

Goran Necin presented Mr. Gordon, who worked in Asia, Africa and Europe and continued his report with this title:


The presentation had begun in a quiet ton and with visible excitement. Slide show rotated pictures of press cutting with some photographs made during the wars in BiH, Croatia and Kosovo, slowly returning all participants in attendance in the time that most of us want to forget.

Gordon precisely described every compromise photograph whereof some of them we already seen number of times in the press or on TV.

Dragan Milosevic wrote about the biggest success of Mr. Gordon with the following words:

He personally believes that it is a big success for him having opportunity to show this presentation in 2005. in Washington, on the conference about strategic issues. On this conference were present spokesmen of assurance department from 24 countries. As he said, among them were many spokesmen which were policy-makers of situations that presentation is directly telling about.

Katarina Jovanovic wrote about Mr. Gordon's reasons to defend Serbian people in the world:

Alone against everybody

Mr. Russell Gordon's wish to protect and bring out the truth about Serbs is bigger that the wishes of Serbs themselves. Considering the fact that he had never doubted his ideas, he tried to realize many of them, but no one helped him, not even the Serbian government. On the basis of that fact, during the presentation Russell was coming back on this idea – whenever you go against someone, you will realize that you are alone.

Darko Nikolic wrote about Mr. Gordon`s sacrifices:
Mr. Gordon sacrifice is not small. The world career was waiting for him and life full of luxury. He decided to throw off that possibility and to turn over to the truth. To Serbs, whoever they really are.

Report made by Dragana Bankovic

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