Lecture of artist Milica Stojković in The School of Web Journalism on the subject of commercial videos

On December 13th The School of Web Journalism had one special guest: Mrs. Milica Stojković. Some students of The School explained what is so special about this lady. That wasn't difficult and they could use text and PowerPoint presentations.

Gordana Erić started her report like this:

Milica Stojković, famous violinist and painter, presented her commercial videos in The School of Web Journalism, which started with second semester in Serbian Journalist Association.

Integrating musical parts of big compositors and her paintings in oil, Milica Stojković could manage frequently to create little master-pieces, musical and commercial videos, that were after used as publicity, announcement of musical events and visits of famous artists in our country.

Miloš Kuks explained how Milica's creativity started:

Violinist, journalist and painter Milica Stojković bought four years ago her first computer. She was able to pass even 20 hours per day in front of the monitor putting her drawings by scanner on hard disk. After this step, with those drawings she made compositions in Photoshop making so called digital art.

Žikica Živković was recording Milica's presentation. He explained what are Milica's major activities.

Milica Stojković presented successfully to students her knowledge of making commercial videos for concerts and musical happenings. She discovered little things in her life experience that helped her to finish her career with success. Milica Stojković kept on creating but now she does it in digital mode. She is the oldest user of the Internet who gives comments and help young people to introduce new category of journalism, called blog.

Bojan Cvetković showed the other part of Milica's creativity.

Searching for new forms of expression, Milica Stojković become the part of communities Facebook and LinkedIn showing to the people of her age one of the ways to express their imagination and one of the ways of transmitting their energy and experience to the young generation.
Her enormous wish to reach the audience as much as possible, Milica Stojković realized successfully with education in The School of Web Journalism.

Today, Milica Stojković is the oldest, very active web-journalist in Serbia.

Report made by Dragana Banković

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