Good photographs in the middle of wonderland

American photograph and reporter Russell Gordon visited The School of Web Journalism last weekend again. Mr. Gordon lecture the class on the subject “„Photojournalism – Crash Course”.

Some students wrote on their own blog pages their impressions about this photojournalism course.

Darko Nikolić wrote that if we want to sustain purpose topic with visually impressive details in web-journalism, it is necessarily that the internet inscriptions of an author are improved by good photographs.

“The story about photographs that “worth more than thousand words” begins with psychical and technical preparation. Only with necessary segments such as opportuneness, feeling for brightness and persistency, photograph can sublimate creation of web-journalist making his work more special, and considerable. The strength of good photography in journalism can be seen, if I manage to do that with my own quality, because it can really often replace thousands of words”.

Besides talking with Mr. Russell Gordon, students had a lesson to analyze economic situation of Serbia in relation to the countries in region. Gordana Erić observed that Serbia is most expensive of all countries created on the region of ex-SFRJ. The prices of basic life comestibles are among the highest in the region.

“The stand that Serbia is “wonderland”, come out with one more example. With fall of dinar currency, prices of home-made products have enlarged, which is normal thing. But, by periodical enlarge of dinar currency, which is the result of intervention of National bank of Serbia on interbank custom market, as well as by downfall of rock oil prices on world market, the prices in no case can “simmer down”.

The wave of new prices for basic needs in Serbia, Bojan Veličković called “tsunami”.
“The prices in Serbia are totally illogical. On one side, you have cheap market-place and Chinese wares for which you don`t have to pay taxes. On the other side, there are monopolists who represent different brands and collect impudently high taxes. Although our country is not far away from West speaking of shops with popular wares, they are selling it for unthinkable high prices which make us one of the most expensive countries in Europe”.

Žikica Živković realized that the period of transition changed customer's consciousness.
“From one age of general poorness, we walked into the period with wealthy credit offer and improvement of personal standard. It started with purchasing household machines and cars. The psychology of spending money has transfused to rural region. Therefore, living in the cities is poorest in contrast to villages where there is no need for luxury and European way of handling money.

Report made by Dragana Banković

Darko Nikolić choosed the first photography

Goran Necin took the second photography

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