Facebook teaches about tolerance and helps in trouble

This weekend students of the Second generation of the School of Web-Journalism learned from the professor Danica Radovanovic what are the possibilities and the advantages of Facebook. On this occasion, Dragan Milošević and Goran Necin have opened „Group” called „Journalists in the network” and „Fan” page too. „Possibilities of Facebook are huge! Now I have even more friends on this Internet page, and possibilities are getting bigger every day. „Journalists in the network” are enthusiasts, speculators and maybe even promoters of new ideas. They don’t ask too much, and they are ready to give a lot. Positive thoughts and tolerance are the basics for good start in the days to come. Mission of this group are tolerance, connecting, socialising and new ideas”, wrote Dragan Milošević and Goran Necin.

On second day of the weekend students attended confession of one woman named Jelena, who’s ex husband was drug addict. Because of his drug addiction he still has problems and he is prosecuting her and their child. With help of Danica Radovanovic, students learned how to fight for this woman’s rights on Facebook, as well as to fight for rights of every person in danger in Serbia.

„Drug addict in Serbia can threaten his child life even when he has temporary precaution delivered juridically. Some other future story will narrate about improvement of legal act. This story is for those who are worrying about established laws. Or for those who should be worrying. This is the story about court of law and police in Sopot, who don’t do much to protect mother and her child from drug addicted father.

Jelena is a mother of a four years old child. After three years of conjoined life, she divorced from husband-drug addict because of his addiction. After that, she moved far away from birthplace, in order to start new life, with a new man. Thereupon the problems started. Ex husband don’t intend to resigne with the fact that he can see child only once in two weeks during the weekend. He comes under drug influence with threats, and all that Jelena and her child can hear from official departments is not promising for their peaceful sleep. This family found asylum in one of marginal municipalities in Belgrade. In one relatively small ambience, they can’t find understanding of other people, nor any other possible protection.

How can we help? Link from the heart to this action for big necessity for mother and her four years old son. If you do it, then do it for real. If we want to help, the idea have to be materialized: mother and her child must have adequate help. In this case that means protection. When? The best help is when it is on time and totally. Answer to the question „When” is the same for you and court of law and police and welfare work institutions. The answer is NOW”, wrote students on this page.

Report made by Dragana Banković

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  1. Bryan Rutberg’s daughter was among the first to notice something odd about her dad’s Facebook page.
    At about 8 p.m. on Jan. 21, she ran into his bedroom and asked why he’d changed his status to: “BRYAN IS IN URGENT NEED OF HELP!!!”


  2. […] The course I have created this time was Social networks and beyond. We’ve been working on the Facebook  for web journalists’ needs in everyday, practical work: from feeds (news and live feeds), publishing on Facebook through different modules (posted items, posted notes, etc.) through promotion, marketing and PR, to micro communities and forums within Facebook (groups and pages). More about this is also available on Slideshare. The next action was introduction to Facebook advertising for web journalists throught different methods and practices for different purposes (brand, person, blog, cause, event, organization, businesses, etc.). Afterwards, I wanted to see how they would create and coordinate a real life situation in the form of the Cause that reached the media audience outside this social network. More about this on Slideshare, and an overview on the Rising/Global Voices. […]

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