Teasers kick directly in the head

During last weekend, Lidija Kujundžić talked with students of The School of Web-Journalism about importance of teaser in web writing. Under journalists premise „Kick reader in the head with – title” Lidija explained that substance of teaser is in only one, first sentence. Students were informed how to „hook” readers with a lot of title examples. After that, they begin to practice.

Writing about “Beovoz”(the name of train system in Belgrade) Marina Obizajeva gave an example of cliffhanger teaser.

“Beovoz” is the alternative or only help for GSP (City traffic firm)?
Is it possible to fulfill pre-election promises in the time of world crisis?
“I see a solution”, says Željko Đukanović, manager of Direction for public transportation in Belgrade railway. Whether some station of public transportation is close to streak or not, that's not a problem. If it's necessary, we'll move them closer to “Beovoz” stations. What's the problem then? “The problem is safety and the fact that trains don't circulate often. Besides that, on some sections, streaks are problematical so the trains are slow”, Đukanović said.

Dragana Bjelica wrote text using question teaser.

“Živko against Živka”
Are the organizers of “Universiade 2009″ misogynists or Živka is just unattractive for sportsmen? Although three years ago it was well known that Universiade will be in 2009 in Belgrade, if we promoted Živko then, instead of incapable mascot Živka, this wouldn't be important now. His career is also finished today.

Goran Necin gave the examples of headline teasers.
“Mascot “Živko” make his maker nervous; FEST is driving his thirty seventh circle; Mass rallies of supports for terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza; Zimbabwe: Mugabe split government with opposition; “Raiffeisen” in the group of “high risk” banks.

Tijana Vlahović wrote text using summary teaser.

“Even after Tito – Chavez”
On referendum Hugo Chavez got the possibility of unlimited number of candidatures for president of Venezuela with 54 percent of citizen votes.

Katarina Jovanović wrote text also using summary teaser.

“Fest 09: Register”
“Actor Ralph Fiennes opened on February 20th 37. FEST in Belgrade under premise “Register”. Those who are interested for this film festival would have an opportunity to see about 80 movies in hall “Sava centar”, “Balkan” cinema, Museum “Kinoteka” and Cultural Center of Belgrade.
Report made by Dragana Banković

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