Every test is easy with FEST

During past weekend, the students of the second generation of The School of Web-Journalism took their final test by attending the last day of 37 FEST (film festival) in Belgrade. The students had a task to create an editorial office. The editor had to be in the office and journalists had their duties: to choose one film to watch on FEST, to attend press conference etc. Later they had to write about film and to attend press conference of the film “Here and there”, where they've made audio and video recordings.

In her work, Katarina Jovanović described the premiere of the film “Here and there”.
“Main actor David Thornton, who played ruined musician travelling between New York and Belgrade, held a final speech. For this script, director Darko Lungulov won “Balkan fond” prize in Thessalonica. He said that he was glad to see his first big film on FEST. Film “Here and there” will be in theaters during next fall”.

Žikica Živković wrote that more than 100.000 tickets were sold after ten festival days and more than 70 premieres of films in six categories.
“This thirty seventh festival edition is from this year one of the top three most visited festivals in FEST history. After our meeting in front of main entrance in “Sava centar”, by passing through shrilling scanner we have realized that we could make one mistake. We could attend convention of one of leading parties in the country which was held next to the theater press room. According to the number of visitors of our special broadcast site and our accounts on Twitter, “web-journalists of UNS” happily went home to their families, after very hard and challenging day.

In his work Darko Nikolić wrote that last day of FEST begun pretty quietly and that everything looked like one extremely regular, non working day in Serbia.
“In the beginning of the day, big building on New Belgrade looked more like closed museum, than something that could announce upcoming ceremony. Barely 30 journalists attended last press conference. Preoccupied with presence of few well known film workers, many of journalists “went crazy” reporting from one, so usual end of one, so big event.

Gordana Erić wrote about rewarded participants of FEST.
In category “Europe out of Europe” – Georgian film “The other bank”
“FIPRESCI” reward – Italian films “Gomorra” and “Il divo”.
“Nebojša Đukelić” reward – Serbian film “The life and death of porn gang”
Reward “Eritrocit” of daily newspaper “Politika” – Kazakhstan film “The gift to Stalin”

With title “Small but well chosen company” Dragan Milošević wrote about students who spend their test day on FEST.

Goran Necin wrote that four films were in final competition for the winner of “Europe out of Europe” category – “Shultes” (Russia), “No one's son” (Croatia), “The other bank” (Georgia) and “The gift to Stalin” (Kazakhstan).

“By unanimously decision, “The gift to Stalin” is declared to be the best film in this category. Director of film Rustem Abdrasev got “Eritrocit” reward from daily newspaper “Politika”. Georgian film “The other bank” got “Special mention” reward.”

Report made by Dragana Banković


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