Rising Voices Project in Serbia to be Continued

Training in Serbian Web Journalism School supported by Rising Voices helped most of its students to change their career paths. Here is what some of them did after the training.

Just after obtaining his Web Journalist Certificate Goran Necin made his own news web site. He gathered team of web journalists to make an alternative source of information to mainstream media. He covers travel, education, lifestyle and politics. Necin recently wrote a blog post arguing that hooligans would destroy soccer clubs in Serbia. As a furious antinazi activist, Necin posts about neonazi symbolism. Necin writes about various Belgrade events. He recently covered Street of Open Hearth, an event featuring Belgrade actors raising money for local children hospital.

Following completion of web journalism training Zikica Zivkovic started working for National Television web portal.  Zivkovic claims that Serbian Web Journalism school was a golden key to his career. After few months of work Zivkovic was promoted to web editor in charge of web portal's news section.

Similarly, student at Faculty for Culture and Media, Katarina Jovanovic started her career working for National Television web portal. She is in charge of its digital media section.

The oldest Serbian web journalist, Milica Stojkovic makes videos of cultural events in Belgrade. She has a popular YouTube channel with one video having more than 8000 views. She recently published music video Gypsies Fly to Sky performed by prominent actor Ivan Bosiljcic. Voice of America made a feature report about Stojkovic.

Except applying her new skills as an editor at National Radio Service web site Gordana Eric continues to write her blog. She comments culture, poetry, film and new technologies. In her inspired blog post, Eric wrote about computer literacy as a major problem of 21st century Europe. She wrote about how important it is to know standards of web communication. Web journalism is quite different from TV, print or radio claims Eric who proposed additions for journalist code of ethic relating to new media.

Tijana Vlahovic who worked as an editor of prominent Serbian daily newspapers Glas Javnosti web site found new employment. She works for Serbian Public Library. Her job is closely related to new technologies while she shapes up her PhD thesis from biology.

Dragan Milosevic used skills acquired in Web Journalism School to integrate pictures and videos in Google maps. He uses Google maps to help tourists find their way in big European cities. Milosevic works for Kon Tiki travel agency.

Dragana Bjelica is still working for Journalist Association of Serbia. She was promoted to editor of its web site. She applied new knowledge in writing and structuring web stories. This is beneficiary to numerous journalists who receive timely and sharply written information from Dragana Bjelica.

Because of disagreement with Journalist Association this project was discontinued but extension is expected in 2010 in cooperation with Center for Digital Media. The Center would spread digital literacy on behalf of Rising Voices and educate web journalists.

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