The Project Facilitators

In a raining day, Hand in Hand Initiative teamwork had a meeting. They talked about the project, and how they are going to implement it in Yemen. The names of the project facilitators are:

1- Basheer al_Samawi

2-Fathi al_Dhafri

3-Shorouq al_Nono

4- Jamal al_Hanash

and ofcourse Ghaida'a al_Absi

The biggest challenges that we are facing now is the possibilities of finding a lab with Internet access, but we have a great hope,and we will start the first training course in May 2009.

We are very excited


4 thoughts on “The Project Facilitators

  1. Hello Ghaida’a,

    I’m a recent university graduate with bachelors in Information Systems and Minors in Women’s Studies and International Studies. One of my areas of interest is the use of ICTs to empower women. I’ve also been running an online activist group on Facebook for two years now. That said, I’m very interested in the project you’re working on and would love to be invovled in it. I also want to join the training workshop that you will launch in May.


  2. This is an exciting start Ghaida’a. Maybe you can talk to a local university or cyber cafe about offering a discount for the training workshops?

  3. Definitely ask, ask, ask internet cafes, universities, etc…..the worst that they can do is say “no.” One option may be to find an NGO with a computer lab and offer some spaces in the workshop for some of the people that they work with…

    Best of luck

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