World Youth Day and EWAMT

in 12 Auguest, 2009 all youth in all over the world are celebrating in the day of the world youth.

Here in yemen, many youth NGOs had made events. One of these NGOs was Youth of Leadership for Development Foundation that made an event on  Thursday 14 Auguest 2009.

Of course Hand in Hand Initiative had participated in this event and we had a corner to show our products and projects. EWAMT project was one of our projects, also we talked to the guests about it.


We have noticed the young men were interested in this project, and wondered why they are excluded from joining this project. In this event we extended our contacts, also we knew that EWAMT project is popular among other NGOs and youth initiatives.


We have distributed the EWAMT brochures, and made a video about Hand in Hand Initiative activities  including EWAMT project.


Unfortunately, there were few women in this event, so you will notice through the pictures that most of the people who attended the event were men.




In these event there were many Corners for NGOs and youth initiatives.


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