Getting Through Challenges

Yemen is suffering from alot of problems recently, and the mostimages1 critical problem is the lack of development. The people is suffering from electricity cutting, which is the most important thing in development of any country in the world.

Lacking of electricity is not the only dilemma, also the internet connection that sometimes is cutting too. Our government is busy in outbreaking war in the north of Yemen and arresting protesters in the south of the country more than development of the country.

We cannot say that the EWAMT project has not been affected by the cutting of electricity and Internet connection. However we have tried to get through all these challenges. For example, we have planned in 19-20 August, 2009 to set a workshop for 9 trainees. In the first day the electricity was cutted, so we started the workshop late. In the next day the Internet connection was cutted too for a long time, so we delayed the rest of workshop to the next Thursday 27 August, 2009.

We always having these problems, but they are getting worse and worse in Yemen.

However, we are keep saying that we will make it, and we are sure that after dark there is dawn.

4 thoughts on “Getting Through Challenges

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the infrastructure problems. It is certainly an issue that many other RV projects have had to deal with. I think that most Westerners (including myself) only know the Middle East from passing through Dubai, Doha, or Abu Dhabi. So it is difficult to imagine the development issues in a country like Yemen. I haven’t heard anything about the conflict in the north of the country. Can you point me to some news coverage? Thanks, and I look forward to seeing pictures and blog posts from next Thursday’s workshop. 🙂

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  3. I’m very proud by yours work. In this days, we need use the tecnology to help us take our freedom, including the women’s freedom. I´m from Brazil, and we have the fame of: ´´The sells girls´´, if you got me. And I think this things is too bad for the grow up of society.One more time, I thing you girls make a excelent work, and I will tell for the guys I knowed about this.
    I hope you be sucessfull with the infrastructure in the next workshop. See ya.

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