Like a Magic

On Thursday 15 October, 2009 we hold a workshop on blogging and social networking for ten activists. These activists were really talkative and full of energy. It is like a magic, every time you train new women activists, you got some energy from them.

Before we started the workshop, there were a discussion between Basheer, who was coordinating of this workshop, and some other trainees about the reasons of focusing on women development.

After this discussion we started the workshop with a fear of electricity or Internet connection cutting. However, this time everything went very well.

DSC06203 []

This workshop was for one day from 8:30 am until 3:30 p.m. It was a long day full of fun and learning. In this Workshop we have added to the curricula how to prevent the right click in the blog, and how to blog through email. These new tips in blogger were really exciting for the trainees.

DSC06217 []

After the lunch we continued the session and started to talk about facebook, and the person who talked and explained how to use face book was Sadiq al-Samawi. He  likes facebook very much, and knows a lot about it.

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