Al-Hoathi is a trainee in EWAMT

On 24 December, 2009 we trained 9 ladies. The trainer this time was Fathi al-Dhafri, he is a blogger, and a big fond of new media. This is his blog Change

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Fathi said that “training girls is tiring because they are asking a lot, and want to learn everything at the same time“. This is true because of the social pressure on women; they are trying to prove themselves through getting a higher education and gaining new skills. For example, the rate of success among girls in the secondary education is higher than among boys

On Thursday 7 January, 2010 we trained 7 ladies, and it was the first time to train a lady her surname is al_Hoathi. She told us that her surname caused her a lot of troubles. A lot of people asked her if she know Abdulmalek al-Hoathi, the leader of the rebellion group in Sada'a who are fighting the Yemeni and Saudi governments. In spite of this lady is not from Sad’a and has no relatives from that rebellion group, but she is still suffering from that surname.

Anyway, the training goes well, and the work shop was coordinated by Sadiq al_Samawi and Basheer al_Samawi, although they are very busy  these days. Moreover, a journalist from 14 October Newspaper heard about EWAMT project, and he came to All Girls Association where we implement the training. We talked together about the project, and he published about the project in the  14 October newspaper

In Brief, until now we have trained 92 ladies, and we will keep on.

4 thoughts on “Al-Hoathi is a trainee in EWAMT

  1. congratulations on the continued trainings. it is great that the participants are asking a lot of questions and that they are eager to learn.

    thanks for the update!

  2. Hello,

    I have read about this project on a couple of other pages and would love to get in contact with one of these bloggers. For the website we are developing a dossier about the use of social media in politics and in particular during elections in non-western countries. We would love to have a Yemeni blogger amongst our contributors.

    Could you put me in contact with someone? Or would you want to write about this project yourself for your dossier? Please contact me so we can talk about the project and your options.

    Thanks a lot.


  3. I am very pleased to know that the training of bloggers continue so well. It is very encouraging for us in other parts of the world.
    I would encourage some of you to visit and to commet or write a short post for our site
    In our blog you will be able to see what other women bloggers are doing in Colombia. We have several articles translated to English so feel free to browse.

  4. congrats for the publication. it is really a big step for the project. the bloggers will really feel motivated now that they’ve been noticed. keep it up.

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