Achieving the goal

It was unexpected to train 20 ladies in the last workshop on 25 January,2010. We used to call for 20 and only 10 and sometimes 8 ladies who attend the training, but this time is something else. It was tiring day for the team.

Now I can say that we have finished the first phase of the project with 112 new female bloggers from Yemen. We supposed to finish this phase on November. This delay because of the following reasons

1- High rate of literacy on Internet among women especially among members of political parties.

2- Electricity cutting for long time

3- Sometimes we had no Internet connection or very slow most of the time

4- The team is busy with their jobs

5-Lack of cooperation of some NGOs with us to nominate their female workers.

In spite of these challenges, we all succeed  to achieve our goal to train 100 ladies in the first phase, however we trained 112.

DSC06282 []

DSC06295 []

During February we are going to arrange for a ceremony to distribute certificates only for active bloggers, and issue the first edition of Tadween Magazine.

Our plan for the second phase

1- Train 88 ladies in blogging and social networking

2- Train 20 ladies in the art of writing

3- Issue the second edition of Tadween magazine.

4- Make two workshops in two other governorates.

3 thoughts on “Achieving the goal

  1. Thanks for the update Ghaidaa. The obstacles you mentioned do have an effect on the trainings.

    Of the 112 trained bloggers, would you say that there would be a smaller number that really enjoyed the training more than others?

    It might be interesting to continue trainings for those that are most active, as a way to invest more time and energy on those that want to learn more.

    Here in Bolivia, of all of the bloggers we have trained, we notice that there were some that enjoyed it more than others. They were the ones that continued and we invited them back for refresher courses.

    Good luck on part 2!

  2. Amazing work, I’ve been following your news from Yemen and really enjoyed the photos. I hope many will remain active with the blogging after the training.

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