The Most Active Blogs in EWAMT

Thats True we have trained 112 ladies from NGOs and media, However 24 from them are active. It is still a good number to have 24 active bloggers.In the follwoing list are the 24 active blogs.

1- Qatar al-Nada

Life in the public transportation


Women and society

3- Life makers Foundation

Foundation's activities

4- Rose


5- Sama'a Lamia

Marriage and feeling

6-  Altomoh Almashroaa

Politics and what is going on the country

7- Feelings

Street children

8- Nabdh Almani

Feelings and her thoughts

9- Make a difference by posting your comment

Life and feeling

10- Once Upon a time


11- Sun Shine


12- Altamaioz

Feeling and thoughts

13- Katarat Alnada


14- Altamaioz

Feeling and thoughts

15- Work as live for ever

Stories and news

16- Altamaiouz

Feelings and thoughts

17- Step by step

Religion and general information

18- friend for ever

About life

19- life


20- Happy Yemen

Women and marriage

21- Small bee


22- Enhance your ability

The activities of Yemeni Women Union

23- Yemeni Women Union

The activities of Yemeni Women Union

24- Candles’ tears

Feelings and thoughts

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  2. In reality, no single religion could guarantee us a place in Heaven. In the end, what matters is how we a treat other people.,;~

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