A New Start in EWAMT

Our first workshop in the second phase of the project  was in Taiz city or it is called the Dreamer city. Taiz is one of the major cities in Yemen located at the southwestern highlands at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. It is located at the foot hill of Saber Mountain.


Saber Mountain is among the highest mountains in Yemen with an altitude of 3070 meters. One of the most famous castle is Alkaher Castle,and it is located on the foot of Saber Mountain.


In Partnership with the National Culture Center for Youth, we trained 15 ladies on 31 March- April 1st 2010 in Taiz City. Most of the trainees were volunteers at the center, and the other were volunteers in HIV projects. It was the first time for them to hear about social networking term. In the first day we talked about the history of blogging, and they started to create accounts in blogger. In the next day, We  continued the blogging. Then we discussed about google maping, Wiki, and Facebook.

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