Another Success

We still remember the first days the birth of EWAMT project in April 2008. The first steps of commencing the project was difficult. A new idea, faces, and female bloggers all these were the pillars of EWAMT. At the beginning, We wanted to have female Yemeni bloggers who can use the tools of using new media or social networks to defend for their causes. So far 147 ladies from EWAMT  beneficiaries have the ability of using these tools.

For the first time, one of EWAMT trainees, Sara Al-maktri,  had proposed to be a new media trainer.  So on Thussday 7th October, 2010 she had held a workshop for 12 ladies about social networking and new media. She was talking about new media to the trainees enthusiastically.Sara Al-maktari is one of the EWAMT success stories, and because of her initiation, she trained on this Thursday 12 ladies for EWAMT project.

As we always say that EWAMT is  like a candle lighting up the darkness of Yemen.