New Strategy for New Yemen

It was difficult for us to complete the training for women in this deteriorating security situation, especially that the lab where we were using is located in the heart of Change square in Sana'a (Change square is the New University area, and it is named Change square by the Yemeni revolutionists who are demanding Ali Saleh, Yemen's President, to step down).

We have waited almost four months of the Revolution with a hope that the situation will calm down the situation, and resume the project. However, it seems that the clouds won't  be dispersed from the sky over Yemen. So we rented another lab in a Sapaia center, which located at the old university area, but before one week of the training, the Change square extended to the place where we should conduct our training sessions.  For this reason, the center also was closed. We have not any solution but to conduct the sessions at a coffee shop.
This video shows how the demonstrations expanded to force Ali Saleh to step down.

Change square map

On Saturday 14th May, we conducted a training only for three women in new media and the rest of the ladies will have the training in the upcoming weeks. For the first time we were training at a coffee shop. In fact, it was wonderful because we did not face the usual problems such as power outages in the presence of Coffee Trader's generator. I will post pictures of the training soon. So far, we have trained 175, and we still need 25 ladies to reach our goal 200 new Yemeni female bloggers.

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  1. Thanks, Ghaidaa for continuing to be a strong advocate for women and technology despite the ongoing challenges facing Yemen. Keep up the hard work and best of luck.

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