The web 2.0 for advocacy of the rights of people living with AIDS

A training workshop on advanced Internet usage, the web 2.0, and creating digital stories was organized for communication officers and leaders of associations fighting against AIDS in Congo from 22 to 23 July at the headquarters of the AZUR Development Association in Brazzaville.

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Having met representatives of seven associations fighting against AIDS, the training objectives were to strengthen the capacity of communication officers and leaders of organizations fighting against AIDS in Congo by using web 2.0 Internet tools; documenting stigma and discrimination of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Congo for advocacy purposes, advocacy, education and mobilization of resources.

Indeed, the Internet is not used enough by associations fighting against AIDS, as was recognized by a representative of the association Life Help: “These are methods that are lacking because we do not use the Internet enough.” Many cases of violations of the rights of people living with AIDS, discrimination and stigma are not known by government authorities and human rights groups.

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The workshop enabled the leaders of associations fighting against AIDS and their communication officers to know about blogging, how to create entries, and update their blogs frequently. We also trained them how to use flickr to publishing photographs of their activities. Participants also learned how to create digital stories using Windows Movie Maker.

To enable these organizations to document their activities, digital cameras were awarded to the participants. They did not hide their satisfaction. According to Jean Pierre Mahoungou of the association Bomoyi, “This training allows us to better document our experiences in the fight against AIDS now that we now have cameras to take pictures.”

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This training will lead to the production of articles, reports or stories by digital communication officers.

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Already five of the communications officers have started their blogs: