August, 04, 2007 Update

Nari Jibon blog dol arranged weekly blog meeting today (04.08.07). Nari Jibon blog activities, Progress, problems and what to do in the next week were discussed in the meeting.
Ms. Bipa informed that 20-26students are contributing in the blog. Some are giving articles once a week and some are giving their writings twice a month. She has 9 articles (staff's and students’) in hand. After completion of editing she will submit those for posting. Shamima has submitted three articles (Bangla) today. Taslima also has submitted an article (Bangla) today. After editing those will be posted.
Mr. Animesh informed that since the beginning 32 articles including some interviews were posted. From July, 27 to August 04 total 9 articles were posted. Taslima and Animesh have taken video coverage of some flood affected area of Dhaka city. Those will be posted today.
There was also a training session before the meeting on blog software. Mr. Animesh trained some staff how to manage blogsite, website browsing and bangla typing etc.
In the meeting it was decided that next interview will be of a successful business woman and also some other business women in Dhaka city.
Proposed posts for next week:
1. An article from Bipa (In south Asia, Bangladesh is one of the few countries that remains to be explored. 2nd part).
2. Two/three Bangla posts
3. Two articles from students
4. One video interview

Nari Jibon blog dol will be very glad to have your suggestion, comments

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