October,06, 2007, update

Nari Jibon Blog dol (group) arranged a meeting/training program on (06.10.07)
Taslima Akter, Golam Rabbany Sujan, Mohtarimun Naher Bipa, Shamima were present in the meeting. Nari Jibon blog activities, progress, problem and what to do were discussed in the meeting.
Since the beginning we have posted 83 articles (both Bangla and English). 10 articles were posted from 23.09.07 to 06.10.07 (English-6 and Bangla-4).

English posts:

1. “The rainy day” by Mahfuja Parul ( student)
2. “Dreamy days of my life” by Shirin Sultana (student)
3. “Ruby Rahman a successful business woman” by Golam Rabbany Sujan
4. “Bangladesh is full-filled with many natural beauties” by Nurunnahar Islam Munni (student)
5. “Students of Nari Jibon have started business” by Golam Rabbany Sujan
6. “Rahela Akter Lima’s third death anniversary; has this brave young woman received justice?” By Kathryn B. Ward

Bangla posts:

1. “Gayer Badhu (A village wife)” by Bithi Rahaman (Student tailoring section). A beauty of a village wife is illustrated in this poem.
2. “Amar gram (My village)” by Hasina Akter (student English section). In this post author has given a description of her village
3. “Khukir Pakhi ( Khuki’s bird)” by Bithi Rahman ( student Tailoring section). Khuki loves her pet bird and birds love flying independently.
4. “Swapne Sonargaon ( Sonargaon in dream)” by Taufiqa farjana (Eng/computer student). Author has given a description of a historical place of Bangladesh .

We have 19 articles in hand (students/staffs). Those will be posted after editing.


1. “The Royal Bengal Tiger” by Munia-532 ( Eng/Com student)
2. “Food problem of Bangladesh ” by Tahmina-552 ( Eng/Com student)
3. “Culture of Bangladesh ” by Shamima akter (Eng/Computer student)
4. ” Dhaka city”
5. ” Village life”
6. “Fisherman” By Taufiqa Farjana (eng/com. Student)
7. “Flower (how flower is used) by Salma Siddiqa Eng/com)
8. “Students profile” (tailoring section)


1. “Nari Jiboner kichy safolata, Asma Akter (A bit success of Nari Jibon ( Asma Akter)” by Golam Rabbany
2. “Khude mas bikreta (A child fish seller)” by Shamima (staff)
3. “Coaching centre” by Nurun Naher Nipa (English-1 student)
4. “Ahsan Manjil (Description of a historical place of Dhaka )” by Hasian Akter English-1
5. “Mother Teresa” by Ayesha (English/com)
6. “Ekjon bhalo shikkhok (a good teacher)” by Nurun Naher Nipa (English-1)
7. “The botanical garden and Zoo in Comilla” by Hasian Akter (English-1)
8. “Profile of Salma Akter (students Tailoring section)”
9. “Flood of Bangladesh” by Salma Akter ( Tailoring/ English
10. “Gramer Nari (Village women)” by Sheikh Rumana
11. “Shei Meyeti (that girl)” by Jannat Ara Amjad (eng/com. student) Author has written a story of a family from her imagination.

We arranged training program for bloggers (students). Taslima Akter conducted the training program. Ms. Taslima trained the bloggers (students) about what is blog, how to write a post, what to write etc. Following English /Computer students were present in the training program
1. Papia Hossain Shampa ID # 724
2. Nurun Naher Ruma ID # 685
3. Nurun Naher Islam Munni ID # 673
4. Kamrun Naher Pushpa ID # 715
5. Jesmin Ara Amjad ID # 713
6. Jannat Ara Amjad ID # 712
Sheikh Rumana also got training from Taslima Akhter on blogging.

Next Training: Next training will be on video blogging for some staffs.
Trainer: Taslima Akter. She will train the staff about video blogging, posting and etc.

Proposed post for next week:

Three English posts:

1. “Royal Beggal Tiger” By by Munia-532 ( Eng/Com student)
2. “A rainy day of my life” by Helen Sarkar (Eng/com student)
3. “Mafia, a successful student of Nari Jibon organization” by G. Rabbany

Three Bangla posts:

1. “Interview: khude mas bikreta ( A child fish seller)” by Shamima (Staff)
2. “Gramer Nari ( Village women)” By Sheikh Rumana
3. “Profile of Salma Akter ( student Tailoring section)”

Nari Jibon blog dol will be very glad to have your suggestion, comments

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