Nari Jibon blog meeting/workshop with Ms. Kira

Nari Jibon blog meeting/workshop with Ms. Kira went well. Ms. Kira came at 11:40 and stayed at Nari Jibon till 1:30pm.38 students and 13 staff attended the meeting. She wanted to know about us, about Nari Jibon activities, about our blog. What we are doing? Why we are doing blog. She also wanted to know whether bloggers have separate blogs etc. I gave her the answers of her queries (I told her about Nari Jibon activities, students/staffs are doing blog to share their thoughts, experience to the people of home and abroad and increase their writing skills. They are writing about current events, nature, domestic violence, women rights etc in Bangla and English. I told her that blogging is also the part of our course curriculum. I also informed her that we would like to open separate blog for our best bloggers first and then for others but we could not do it due to slow internet. We will do it when things will be ok.
She told us about her country (location), food, dress, politics, about her blog (She informed that she writes in her blog in Spanish language about politics, her experience, thoughts, traveling etc), job etc (We also wanted to know some of those). She told how people can be benefited by blogging. She told that through blogging people can broaden their thoughts, creativity. In this respect she also told about her friends who become a celebrity by professional blogging. She told us about opening Google ad sense (through it bloggers can earn money).
She explained how the people/community/country can be benefited by blogging. She also told us the advantage of using flickr. She asked us to use flickr that can develop our photo blogging. In this respect Ms. Kira told us that she will be out of Dhaka for the next five weeks. She will come again (probably in the first week of April)) at Nari Jibon and tell us detail about flickr. She will open Nari Jibon flickr account and trained us on it and in this respect she informed that she does not know much about Video blogging.
Ms. Kira also wanted to know whether we know about face book ( Taslima informed her that she and some other bloggers know about face book. Then she told about the face book and its advantage and how their country benefited by the face book.
Ms. Kira also asked us to contact with Bangladeshi bloggers (She told about Shahidul). In this respect we informed her that we are keeping contact with Mehdi Hassan, Biplob Kumar dey and Shamiha Esha. We also told her that we are keeping contacts with Rajib Ahmed (Professtional blogger) and Shawn of Uncultured project.
Actually Ms. Kira told me before coming to Nari Jibon that she would like to know first about Nari Jibon, about Nari Jibon blogging activities and then she will plan how she can help us to develop our blogging.
In her speech she thanked some of our bloggers for their good post like; Street beggar, Dowry system of Bangladesh etc. She told all the bloggers to keep up their good works. She told them to write more on Bangladeshi women, women rights etc.

She also told that she was very much pleased to come to Nari Jibon, talking with the bloggers. She would come here again and again whenever she gets time (She informed that she has plenty of times). Our students/staff/bloggers also were very happy to have her in Nari Jibon and her visit will encourage them to develop their blogging activities, write/think more and make them more skilled and increase their creativity.
We also thanked Ms. Kira for coming to Nari Jibon and for giving her valuable time to develop our blogging activities.

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