Summary of Nari Jibon blogging ( From 27.09.07 to 26.08.08) :

We submitted summary of Nari Jibon blogging activities on 26.09.07. Since 27.09.08 Nari Jibon has been continuing its blogging training programs and workshops to get more bloggers and train the students/staff up to do more blogging. We also have been encouraging staff/students and their guardians to do blog through guardian meeting.

What we have done so far:

We arranged two big workshops on (11.01.08 and 20.06.08) and also continued weekly training programs. We also arranged two guardians meeting (01.02.08 and 27.06.08) where we also discussed about blogging and its importance and encouraged them to do blogging.

Since 27.09.08 our staff and students have posted 284 Articles (including poems, interview, video/photo posts, profiles etc).
Total posts: 284
Total English posts: 190
Profile ( Students/staffs: 34
Video post: 19
English poem : 19
On workshop and training post:5
other posts are on article, photo and interview etc.
Total Bangla posts: 94
Poem :42, one video and 51 articles and others
We also have translated 10 Articles and 26 poems from our Bengali blog (Amader kotha). Our staff Golam Rabbany Sujan, Mohtarimun Naher Bipa and Taslima akter translated Rising Voices Citizen Media guide. .

What we are hoping to do in next month:
Training/workshop: We are hoping to arrange another training program in this month and will continue weekly blog training. We also are planning to visit some NGOs to tell their staffs about blogging and encourage them to blog.
Posting: We also are hoping to post at least 35 (including some interview) articles within next month though Nari Jibon office time will be changed (9:30am to 4:00pm instead of 10:00am to 6:00pm) during Ramadan.
Purchase of equipments: With the Rising voices mini grant we purchased an (uninterruptible power supply (UPS), three digital cameras, two video cameras, we upgraded our ten computers and also purchased some accessories and got repaired one of our big UPS. We have submitted budget for nine months (Up to September 08). We have been maintaining separate accounts for the Rising Voices mini grant. We have all the bill/vouchers of the expenses.
a list of links to relevant websites, and a list of the five latest blog posts from the participants of your project who have been trained how to blog.

1. Zannat's World

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Ahsan Manzil

2. Bangladeshi Women

Affectionate sister
Second bridal bed
My childhood with mother

3. Jesmin garden

Afflicted with hunger


5. Moner Janala

I want my answer

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