[translation] An excuse to get together

Gabriel Jaime Venegas, Argos, has been the glue to hold HiperBarrio in La Loma together. He is mentor, teacher, support and promoter of the project and each and every one of the individuals that calls themselves ConVerGentes in the community. This past week they got together, and I´m translating his tale:

Since the middle of last year, when we started on the road to this thing called Blogs along with Álvaro Ramírez and since the story of Suso made us start working as construction workers building his house, we hadn't had a break.


HiperBarrio La Loma together

Since “every saint has his day” and thanks to the Asociation of Community Mothers Loma Hermosa, we managed to make saturday night the night to get together, watch a movie and share a barbecue.

At fibe people arrived to help prep everything and install equipment, then we saw the movie Freedom Writers and finally we ate, we saw the pictures we've been taking and we listened to a bit of music.

We missed all of those who couldn't be with us because of their obligations or because they are outside the country: Yesenia Corrales, Milton Araque, Isabel Guarin, Alejandra Medina, Alfedo Marulanda, David Sasaki, Álvaro Ramírez, among others who slip my mind.

Thanks to everyone for being there!

9 thoughts on “[translation] An excuse to get together

  1. This is a great gathering and the place and time to rest a little from all this blogging !
    These updates and translations are very very useful for our group, you guyz can’t imagine how much all your ideas facilitate our work.

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  4. Looking really relaxing. Getting together is precious and one can tell from this picture, it appears you had a good gathering. Keep it up

  5. I think this is a perfect example how one person can ignite something really worthwhile. Creo que es una cosa muy buena ser huntos para hacer un trabajo util para todos. Saludos

  6. It is great to know what happens in other places of this world.Thx

  7. que buen momento y que buenas reflexiones nos dejo la pelicula, algo de lo que podemos dejarle al mundo es un poco de nuestra esencia y nuestra forma de pensar

    that good moment and that good reflections leave us the movie, something of what we can leave to the world is some our essence and our form of thinking.


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