February 11, 2013

Proposals from February 11, 2013

Uganda: Digital Networking For Poverty Reduction for Mothers

During the Kony war in northern Uganda,many single mothers migrated with their children to kampala and are now living in designated slum areas of Kampala. However they migrated with their skills of making beads from recycled paper which are picked from the bins of office premises and little is know about them and their good works.Through digital networking they can promote their products to get market.

Bangladesh: Voter Education through Social Networking in Bangladesh

Voter Education for election since this year the elections will take place in Bangladesh, our organisation have a good working experience for election monitoring, Public Awareness and Voter Education and we have a plans for this election monitoring and voter education. We want to organize international day events linked with the election especially women participation. Women Member of Parliament will selected through direct election.

Bangladesh: Digital Advocacy for Dolits Girls Power

BR is a non-profit community radio which was authorized by the ministry of Information of Bangladesh. A mobile access point is a natural extension to BRs remote field recordings and can build on the existing level of community interaction and awareness in ICTs that has been established through the ‘radio browsing’ initiative. Developing locally produced content programs, Community Engagement, Program on direct Community interaction, Instructional