Meeting with Youth of Alwan Wa Awtar

The Mokattam Blog Tales project is currently recruiting youth part of the Alwan Wa Awtar NGO to take part in a series of citizen media workshops that will begin in August. The project is being coordinated by Nesma Geiwely of the Namaa Initiative, which is partnering with the Alwan Wa Awtar organization that is operating in the neighborhood. On July 27, Nesma met with three youth of the center to let them know that they will be beginning in the following weeks. The youth were very excited about the new project and promised to talk to the other youth to organize them for the first storytelling workshops.

Nesma meeting with the youth in the Alwan Wa Awtar computer lab.

When asked about their activity online, the youth mentioned that they mainly use the internet to chat with their friends or to use the social networking site Facebook. They are eager to find out ways to upload their own original content and make connections with others around the world.

Nesma and three of the youth participants outside Alwan Wa Awtar computer lab