Why are we expolring Taboos?

There many taboos in the Egyptian culture, we can sum them up in three main categories: religion, politics and sex. Protection zone created of traditional ideas are surrounding these taboos and because of that, they are not questionable .however there are attempts to break the silence and create societal dialogues about political issues, but still the religion and sex are guarded taboos that a minority dared to discuss.

Nazra team is interested to study the dynamics of gender politics, by this we mean how and why the gender relations and roles are shaped in certain ways and how does this affect the public and private sphere and how the state and society are interfering in the individual life through imposing regulations of conducts and behavior rules

  Nazra team is trying to dig in the societal norms and traditions for better understanding to the gender politics in the Egyptian society and through that digging we came across the sexuality taboo and how it is a crosscutting issue with many other subjects related to gender roles, traditions, norms and values.

We decided to break the societal silence not only by debating but by using alternative social media to create a momentum