Second EWAMT Workshop

I did not expect to have this large number of girls who want to have the knowledge of blogging and social networks, so we enforced to looking for a volunteer to be just responsible for receiving these emails and registration. After our success in the first workshop, we received many emails from NGOs candidates their workers to attend our series of workshops. In addition, the most surprising thing that some men called us racial because these workshops are just for female, and they cannot be enrolled in our series of workshops 🙂

In 3-4June, 2009 we hold our second workshop for 10 activists from various NGOs at Youth Economic Development Center. This time we had added energizing exercises to the workshop, and the trainer Basheer al-Samawy  made  some funny exercises to the trainees.





After that I started the training in blogging. we had faced some problems such as, the electricity cutting however,  we had finished the implementing of our agenda at that day.



We are not just teaching, also we are learning from the questions of the trainees. We added to the curricula a topic in how to add templates from other websites to the blog. In the next day, we finished the other techniques in blogging then we made discussion in which way we will use our blogs to serve our community. We gave them examples of Yemeni bloggers and showed them their blogs. Moreover, we talked about face book and YouTube, and they all made account in face book and joined the EWAMT group in facebook.The discussion was wonderful because it gave them some ideas about the topics they want to speak about through the blogs. Also, it gave us some ideas that we can apply it in the next workshops. During the break, Many trainees were eating and  blogging at the same time. I wanted to take pictures of them , but they refused that 🙁

As usual we had taken group pictures, and taken this lovely picture of one of the trainees.


Be continued……

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