August, 11,2007 Update

Nari Jibon Blog dol (group) arranged a meeting/training program today (11.08.07). Nari Jibon blog activities, progress, problem and what to do were discussed in the meeting.
Since the beginning we have posted 37 articles. 5 articles were posted in this week (English-3 and Bangla-2). Among those one was interview (Bangla student). We have four articles in hand. After editing those will be posted soon.
We conducted two interviews over the week. Among those one interview is posted and another one will be posted soon. We are hoping to get 6-10 articles in next week.
We arranged training program for new and old bloggers in this week. Animesh Chandra Bain conducted the training program.
All the bloggers (Staff/students) were asked to make their profile. Some bloggers (students) can not come due to flood. Still we are hoping to post some profile next week. Some students (bloggers can not give writings as they are very busy with their exam/study. After exam they will continue their writings as usual.

Proposed post for next week:
1. Interview 1x
2. Training on blog software
3. Three English post
4. Three Bangla post
5. Some bloggers profile

Nari Jibon blog dol will be very glad to have your suggestion, comments

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