Aug 15 Update

Nari Jibon Blog dol (group) arranged a meeting/training program on (11.08.07).

Nari Jibon blog activities, progress, problem and what to do were discussed in the meeting.

Since the beginning we have posted 37 articles (both Bangla and English). 5 articles were posted in this week (English-3 and Bangla-2). Among those one was interview (Bangla student). We have four articles in hand. After editing those will be posted soon.

We conducted two interviews over the week. Among those one interview is posted and another one will be posted soon. We are hoping to get 6-10 articles in next week.

We arranged training program for new and old bloggers in this week. Animesh Chandra Bain conducted the training program.

All the bloggers (Staff/students) were asked to make their profile. Some bloggers (students) can not come due to flood. Still we are hoping to post some profile next week.

Proposed post for next week:
Interview 1x
Training on blog software
Three English posts
Three Bangla posts
Some bloggers profile

Nari Jibon blog dol will be very glad to have your suggestion, comments

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One thought on “Aug 15 Update

  1. Hi Rafiq, thanks for this great update. I’m really impressed with what you have been able to do so far. I was especially impressed with the video that Taslima and Animesh took of the flooding and Taslima and M.G.’s feature on Sheikh Rumana.

    I would like to learn more about the blog authors so I’m glad that you’re planning on posting some blogger profiles in the coming weeks. For example, I thought that Mohtarimun Nahar’s introduction to Bangladesh was very interesting, but I would also like to learn more about Mohtarimun. Thanks again for this great update.

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